Woodcraft and hunting…

Under our management is about 15 hectares of fields and forests,from which 14 hectares is in co-ownership of Tomšík family.
We currently do forestation of the field which are hardly reachable for agricultural purposes (1,3 hectares).
We also claim the land we have bought from  Land Fund Office to be declared as forest land, because on these lands are covered continuously by forest stand.
Most of the forest works we are able to do ourselves, from forestation and taking care of young forest to timber harvesting.
We have applied for grant from Programm for Country Development (for years 2007-2013) to finance new machinery for forest works.
About results of grant application we will be informed in March 2008.

The farm lands are located in these hunting districts:
1) Horní Dubenky
2) Jihlávka
3) Kalištì

Mr. Tomšík is member and Chairman of Horní Dubenky Hunting Association, which manages hunting district Horní Dubenky.
The biggest problem we have to cope with is damage of agricultural comodities caused by wild beast and deer.
The amounts of deer and wild beasts are large and it is very hard to prevent damages. For this reason and having bad experience we gave up wheat and winter barley production.