Plant production…

We manage about 120 hectares of agricultural lands, which are situated in 4 cadastral areas: Horní Dubenky, Jihlávka, Kalište u Horních Dubenek, Klátovec. Most of the lands are in cadastral area of the Horní Dubenky village. Half of these agricultural lands are clasified as ploughlands and remaining 60 hectares are greenfields and pastures. 13 hectares are continuously used as pastures for cattle without commercial milk production. These pastures are constantly paled and fitted with catching facility and half span roof where animals can hide from bad weather. Rest of the green fields is used for production of hay, which we use to feed cattle during winter times. Part of the second haymaking is also used for pasture.

Ploughlands we use for production of: winter rape, rye, spring barley, spring wheat, tritikale and oat.

We do not produce much of winter grain, because there are large amounts of wild animals damaging the plants in this area so the harvest has been always poor. Most of the grain produced is being sold. We are self-dependent and fully equipped for all plant production works. Among our older machinery you can find: tractor Zetor 7011, Zetor 7011 with front loader, tractor Zetor 7745, 12 metres range field sprayer, seed harvester E 512, loader UNC 151, Doutz-fahr press machine and many more.
To mention the new ones, we have for example: Overum 4-share plough,tractor Zetor 10641 Fortera, Potinnger N 610 tedding machine, sowing combination Maschio, distributor spreader.