Since 1993, we were renting piggery and a young-cattle breeding house from Land Fund Office.
Piggery with capacity of about 280 pieces, used for pig feeding, has been reconstructed.
After reconstruction there were 20 sows, one breeding pig and piglets fattening station in the piggery.

The young-cattle breeding house has been also reconstructed and there have been about 100 pieces of cattle. Cows were being milked and average productivity was about 5,600 litres. There also has been prepared development plan for construction of new milking house and diary room, but we didn't want to start construction before becoming owners of the buildings. In 2001 these buildings have been sold in auction to the Farm Javořice-Jihlávka. Consequently we have sold
most of the animals and with couple of cows and heifers we have started non-milk cattle production.
At the begining we used about 15 hectares of pasturefields. We have built pasture zone with waterning-place, manipulation-fence, feeding-place, and half span roof, where animals can hide from bad weather. We have been improving this pasture zone year by year.

All year long there is 37 cows and 10 heifers on the pastures. At the begining the breeding used to be done by insemination. In 2005 we have borrowed an Aberdeen-Angus breeding-bull, but there was a problem with selling the breeded animals. Subscribers did not like black coloured fur and due to this fact we have bought our own Simental breedning-bull. Bull's name can be translated as "The Hound from the White house". Jerseys are being born in the spring and hostage animals we sell in the autumn.