The farm has been founded in 1993 by my father Vladimír Tomšík. There has been State Farm Trešt branch (STST) in village Horní Dubenky, where mz father used to work as tractor driver.
When STST closed the business, restituoners were looking for the way of future progress. First idea was to found agricultural company, which would be formed by local farmers.
But later on actually most of the farmers signed to new company in Jihlávka, Farm Javořice Jihlávka ltd.
Mr. Tomšík decided not to join this company and try to run the business under his own management. There was founded another farm (called Chadim´s mill) in the village by farmer Martin Chadim.

At that time I was a student of Faculty of Agriculture at Jihočeská University in České Budějovice. I quit the studies during the second semester, because I have been working full time on my father´s farm.

Then we rented piggery and a young-cattle breeding house from Land Fund Office. These buldings were situated on STST premises in Horní Dubenky. We have started farming with agro-machines which we restitued from STST Třešť and STST Nová Bystřice, where my mother´s family have had about 20 hectares of fields. There have been 20 sows and couple of piglets in the piggery. The young-cattle breeding house was converted into bind-stay cowhouse, where have been 8 cows and 2 heifers at the beginning. There have been really only the basic and the most widely used machines. All the work was being done only by family members, my father, myself and my mother, who at those times had been working in a school dining-hall in Horní Dubenky.

In the autumn of 2003 our farm recieved 1,2 milion CZK returnable dotation from the Ministry of Agriculture for purchase of new corporeal chattels. New tractor Zetor 10145, field sprayer, milker, forehead loader, round-package pressing machine and breeding swine have been purchased for these money.

The work has been never-ending and there have been just 3 of us to get the work done.
Managing the 60 hectares farm needed all family savings.

But after some time of struggle we have worked our way up. The new machinery have been purchased and even 4 people have been employed. We were breeding piglets in the piggery and they were being brought up the butchery weight. This way we´ve managed to sell from 25 TO 30 pigs every month. Cattle breeding has also been expanded. Czech Red-Cow has been the main breed and in limited amount also Black Holsteins have been breeded. Milk yield was growing up to the amount of 6,800 litres. The farm hectarage was growing slowly, because there was not enough available lands.

For our restution rights we have got former farm-building of Drápal´s family in 1999. They have not  been interested in getting it back. The building was in a bad state and needed a reconstriuction. Later on, this place has become the center and main building of our farm. There has been warehouse, 3 garages, which one of them has been converted in workshop room, 2 barns for hay and machinery and also part of the building has been rebuilt in my 4+1 flat. The main advantage of this building was lockable yard, so there have not been any component and oil thefts.

The farming slowly started getting better. We have bough some new machines: new tractor Zetor 10641, feeding wagon, versatile plough, tedding machine, sowing combination Maschio, distributor speader etc. The workflow has improved a lot thanks to the new machinery. Even the returns from the plant production were getting better. Most of the harvest production was being used for animal feeding. Cattle was counting 100 pieces, from which 40 were milkcows. The milk was being sold to Milkfactory Jihlava, which we've had good experience with.

Year 2001 was the conclusive year for future of the farm.

The buildings we were renting have been sold to the farm Javořice Jihlávka. So we had to move out from those buildings. Unfortunately the pre-sold reservation rights could not had been applied and there was no way to make a deal with new owner. We had let go some employees.
The pig breeding section has been closed down. The best diarycows have been sold but the
most of diarycows were butchered anyway. We have kept about 25 cows and have prepared
greenfields, where we have started meat-market oriented cattle breeding.
Unwanted machines have been sold.

Then I have got a job in glass faktory Janštejn, where I was working as manager of technical department for maintenance. In 2002 I came back on the farm.

Due to the fact we have started non-diary cattle breeding, we've had to optimize the plant production too. Some lands have been grassed and about 0,4 hectare have been planted with trees, because the accsesibility was bad. We have started with rape-seed production. About 90% of production was being sold. We have built the half span roof, where animals can hide away from bad weather. Pastures for cattle have been fenced. Cattle has been interbreeded with Aberdeen Angus breed. Jersey deliveries were happening right on the field and these jerseys were being sold during the autumn. But the black coloured fur was not selling so well, so the price was quite low. And for this reason, in 2007 we have bought our first breeding bull. Bull's name can be translated as "The Hound from the White house".

Currently there are three people working on the farm - myself, my father and our employee Petr Vopravil. Farm hectarage has raised up to 120 hectares. This has been achieved mostly with buying the land from private owners and Land Fund Office, so our family is the owner of about 80% of the farm lands. These lagricultural lands are situated in 4 cadastral areas: Horní Dubenky, Jihlávka, Kalište, Klátovec. The fields not suitable for planting (because there is a lot of stones) are being grassed and the ones with bad accesability are being forested.
We buy new agro-machines mainly for the maintanance of the grassfields and pastures.
With these machines we also offer services to our neighbour farms. We have a very good partnership with Horni Dubenky village. By them we are contracted for winter road maintanance and also for maintanace of grass areas in the village and other works.
We are also managing few hectares of the forest.